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Corpse Killer

Released: November 28, 1994
Platform: 32X
Publisher: Digital Pictures
Developer: Digital Pictures
Genre: Light Gun
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You're stranded on an un-charted island of death, you're dying of voodoo poison, a mad genius is on your trail, hundreds of rotting dead are coming to chew your guts... And all of your buddies have been turned into vicious cannibal commandos. Things could be worse. It could be a cartoon.

  • Shoot At Hundreds of Real Video Zombies
  • Non-stop Live-Action... 100% Real Video
  • Plot Your Survival Strategy, Choose Your Battles
  • A Digital Pictures U-Direct Interactive Film
  • Compatible with the Sega Menacer light gun, American Laser Games GAMEGUN and the standard Sega controller.

Winston, your Rasta sidekick, can drive you from battle to battle but watch out for zombie ambushes. Julie, the gorgeous journalist, figures this is one hot story and you're just the guy to help her get it. You might like to get to know her better, too.

Unfortunately, Hellman, the crazed cult leader of the zombie hordes, knows you're out there. His man-munching monsters from beyond the grave are closing in on you one chomp at a time. Your only hope is to blow 'em away. But hey, how tough can it be? They're already dead!

  • Electroposse snack attack at the airport: when a bag of peanuts just won't do...
  • Winston and Julie are meals on wheels without your firepower!
  • Dr. Hellman makes a zombie cocktail to die for.
  • Graveyard shift: Digital Pictures' film crew on location in the Caribbean.

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