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Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 10
Replay: 8
Overall: 8.5

F-1 World Grand Prix
Released: 19980727
Publisher: Video System USA
Developer: Paradigm Entertainment
Genre: Racing

Review by: Shinden

When this game starts up you will be pleased, the opening cutscene is great. This pretty much sums up the title too. Great graphics, great sense of speed and pure excitement. In Nintendo's most prolific genre this title really sticks out from the crowd and says "No ,this is racing". The game just sets out to kickass from the first lap and keeps it up until the checkered flag. The notorious fog in all older 64 titles is so far back it looks like a natural atmospheric effect. The cars look so good you can tell who's who from a great distance. This game is what all N64 racers should aspire to, crisp graphics, great sound, and great voice samples. Slowdown happens so few times in the game you hardly notice. This title was well worth the money and maybe a tad extra. The truth is if you a racing sim junkie then this is your fix.

The graphics are what they should be, realistic and just plain cool. Everything is here from tire marks to the ads plastered all over the track. Fog, as I've said is so far back it's perfect. There are no easily found flaws unless you drive at 20 mph and really look, even then they aren't bad. The display is crisp and full of detail. The lap replay feature pulls the fog forwards to add even more detail to the scene, but the camera angles are such that it's hardly seen. The coolest part is crashing and seeing your tires take flight. The only thing you don't see are those tragic end over end, flaming, cartwheeling crashes that would make this title The Best Racer Yet. Please add this to the sequel Paradigm.

The control was great. Now I usually am pretty bad at racing games but I was able to get good at this game real quick and after that it was just too fun. The cars respond very quickly and nimbly the only danger is over turning and going off the track. As you get better you can even spin the car around and do brake stands, though they aren't all that real looking. Plus you can always turn 180° and go for some head on fun every now and again. The game's control allows you to do what you want whenever you want, whether it's squeezing between cars in a turn or putting other drivers into the wall, "Try to sneak by will you? HA! that's what you get!". This game just gives you a license to fly around the track like a pro.

The music is awesome. The voice samples are never so repetitive that you have to turn them off. The car effects are not the best, but this is the games only weak point, albeit a very minor one. The pit guy over the radio sounds real enough that you might acknowledge him every now and again. The music is almost CD quality and is very well composed. Please just stop reading this and buy it you'll love it. Fine... more detail...ok. The sounds during the race never start to chatter when those few slowdowns occur, and the background sounds of other cars somewhere else on the track are cool.

I don't often recommend a game because most people have divergent tastes when it come to racers, some like cyber racers (Extreme-G), others like Rally racers (Top Gear Rally), and some like Crappy racers (Cruisin' USA). No matter what your tastes, if you like racers than this is the best on the system in my humble opinion. Ton's o tracks, plenty of cars, custom drivers, great sound and phenomenal control. Simply put, if you like racers you must own this title. I recommend this more than any other game I've played and it will definitely be the bench mark all future racing titles should aspire to equal. Of course if Robotech was a racer it would be better. The only thing that kept this game from being a ten is the lack of huge crashes where the cars just disintegrate.

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