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Overall: 8

007: Nightfire
Released: 20021118
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Eurocom
Genre: First Person Shooter

Review by: Soupbones

I bought this game thinking it would be good, but not as good as Goldeneye, I was very surprised when playing it to say the least. In my book this is the only 007 game that has been able to surpass Goldeneye, the most standout game in the 007 series.


Good graphics, very detailed, nicely polished. Characters are easy to identify, guns looks very realistic, as do background textures, enviroments, etc....


The controls are a bit tricky to get down right, I'm sure you can get use to them though. When I first bought the game I couldn't stand it simply for the controls, then I adjusted to them and now I enjoy the game more than Goldeneye. Probably one of the better games I've had the pleasure of owning on the Xbox.


Good gameplay, there are 12 missions, divided up by driving missions to take you away from the FPS action from time to time. Do not fret though, the driving missions are just as fun if not more so than the regular missions. The multi-player is pretty fun as well, with upto 6 bots and very customizable. You can customize the weapon set, gadgets, choose to have explosive barrels or not, mini-vehicles, and there are many fun maps to mess around on.


Overall this is a very good game, I could get further into everything but believe me, you're wasting your time reading this, go buy it. If you're still skeptical then rent it first, you can't go wrong with $5.

8 out of 10.

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