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Overall: 9

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean
Released: 19970731
Publisher: Working Designs
Developer: SunSoft
Genre: RPG

Review by: Exodus

Albert Odyssey was a traditional Japanese RPG made by Sunsoft, until working Designs got ahold of it for the American translation. Here you'll find a traditional RPG with loads of humor.

Albert Odyssey has a surprisingly strong story. Yes, there is the cliche'd stuff, but Sunsoft did a good job of not making it feel like the usuall been there-done that.

In Albert Odyssey, an actuall history is developed as background information. You learn of Vlag, the imortal dragon, the Eldean clan that slew him and becmae imortal themselves, the great hero Albert, who's lineage always came out of nowhere to save the world in times of despair.

As with other traditional RPGs, you can expect random battles here. While the Japanese version was annoying, the frequency has been toned down here. It only seems to get annoying when you're in a hurry.

The character designs are very typical. There is a balance of melee power and magic power. One is all out melee, one is all out magic, and the others are a mix, with the main hero having the best overall balance. Where the characters stand out here is their personality and developement. It seems all but the last character are developed very well.

The world itself is of decent size, with varying populations. In one town you'll find bidmen, and another, dragon men.

The musical score is very well done, fitting the mood in every situation. However, the surprising "rock" type battle music doesn't seem to fit the orchestrated mood of the rest of the game.

This game features one of the coolest lookign airships in any game. The polygonal ship stands out nicely in the 2D gameworld, without looking out of place.

Spell effects are very good for the 32-bit generation. They are mostly 2D overlays that look well drawn and animated, with a few of the most powerful spells using a nice 3D effect.

The boss battles can be the main gripe about this game. Bosses later in the game tend to have an absurd amount of HP compared to the damage you realistically can do. Fights can rage on forever it seems.

The combination of storyline, character development, gameplay, make this a traditional RPG with enough to make it stand out from the crowd. The humor alone sets it apart.

If you own a Saturn and can find a copy of this title for a good price, I highly recommend it.

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