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Mario Power Tennis Box
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Mario Power Tennis

Released: November 9, 2004
Platform: Game Cube
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Camelot Software Planning
Genre: Sports
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Power Up Your Tennis Game!

The Mushroom Kingdom has hosted tennis tournaments before, but never one as explosive as this one! Mario and Co. return to the courts with even more powerful shots and new, character-specific power moves guaranteed to make for absolute tennis lunacy. Throw banana-boomerangs as DK, smack returns with Mario's hammer, and play your way to the top with all your favorite characters!
  • Tennis, Mario-style! Fight off Klaptraps, clean up sludge, fight through Item Battle mode, or play tennis-themed mini-games!
  • Choose wisely! Each character has a defensive and offensive power move that can send foes reeling or return out-of-reach balls!
  • Be as crazy as you like! Play traditional tournaments, or hit the Gimmick Courts for the wildest matches you've ever seen.
  • A game for everyone! With one- to four-player modes available, prepare for mind-blowing multiplayer madness.

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