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Okage: Shadow King Box
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Okage: Shadow King

Released: October 2, 2001
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developer: Zener Works
Genre: RPG
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A shadow possessed... A spirit released... A journey taken...

In an unexpected twist of fate, the spirit of an evil King is unleashed and possesses the shadow of an innocent young boy, named Ari. Wielding the burden of the ebil ghostly being, Ari and his friends must journey across a wonderfully animated, whimsical world. In this struggle between good and evil, light and dark, manage your team carefully or forever be held captive by the evil King's spirit.

  • Creatively stylized, entertaining characters. Each character possesses his/her own personality, strengths, powers and attacks.
  • Innovative and unique approach to traditional role-playing games. Find yourself enslaved by the evil King — solve puzzles, battle over 100 enemies and discover new worlds.
  • Engage in enchanting conversations with NPC's, decipher mysterious clues, unravel the secrets hidden far beneath and discover the magic of this charming adventure.
  • Action-packed, dramatic battle sequences where allies and enemies fight simultaneously and in real-time.

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