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Dead or Alive: Ultimate Box
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Dead or Alive: Ultimate

Released: October 28, 2004
Platform: Xbox
Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Tecmo
Genre: Fighting
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Heaven on earth is here. Experience the ultimate in fighting, online or offline, in Dead Or Alive Ultimate 1 and 2. DOA2U features 21 interactive worlds, the most mind-blowing DOA graphics to date, 7 modes of play, the irresistible ladies of DOA, plus the ability to play online with up to 8 people. And, re-live the game that started it all, the original Dead or Ailve, now online. It's a whole new world....and it's all yours.

  • Double disc set featuring the newly designed DOA2U and the original DOA1U
  • Exclusive bonus content
  • Limited Edition trading cards included
  • New films revealing characters' history
  • All new environments, costumes and fighting moves
  • Play or watch through Xbox Live

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