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Released: September 14, 2004
Platform: Xbox
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Big Blue Box Studios
Genre: RPG
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For Every Choice, A Consequence.

Imagine a world where every choice and action determines what you become. Where you evolve in real time based on every little thing you do. Introducing Fable, an RPG action adventure unlike any you've ever dreamed of.
  • Evolve in Real-Time
    Will you fight for honor and justice, or betray the people? Remember that it determines how you look and how others react to you.
  • Never the Same Game
    Like the real world, your decisions allow you to become a different person; be it a hero, villain, or anything in between.
  • Real Reactions
    Known for cruel brutality? Children will run. A reputation for heroism and nobility? Bathe in the adoration of your fans as you march into town.

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