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XGIII Extreme G Racing Box
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XGIII Extreme G Racing

Released: December 27, 2001
Platform: Game Cube
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Acclaim Studios Cheltenham
Genre: Racing
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Beyond speed. Beyond combat. Beyond all racing.

High-speed motorcycle racing and high-stakes futuristic combat collide in XG3—an intoxicating, highly addictive arcade experience. Feel every razor sharp turn and roller-coaster drop in the pit of your stomach as you smash through the sound barrier at speeds over 750 mph.

  • In game audio in Dolby Surround Sound.
  • 5 blazing music tracks by the "Ministry of Sound".
  • 12 International racers, including the smokin' hot all-female team.
  • Breathtaking, fully animated environments: futuristic city, desert, arctic, ocean & canyons.
  • 10 incredible racing circuits with gut-wrenching loops, twists, spirals & drops.
  • 12 different super-charged bikes packing serious firepower.

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Member Score: 7.7
Total Score: 7.8

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