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SSX Tricky Box
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SSX Tricky

Released: November 27, 2001
Platform: Game Cube
Publisher: EA Big
Developer: EA Canada
Genre: Extreme Sports
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Grab your board and take on the slopes of SSX as you've never seen them before. Two brand-new runs, six never-before-seen riders, and tons of original tricks, shortcuts, and jumps make SSX Tricky the ultimate snowboarding experience. With voices supplied by celebrities such as Oliver Platt and Macy Gray, the SSX Tricky riders come to life on the snow-covered icy mountain courses. Establish friendships, create rivalries, and show off your high-flying skills in three different types of races, and when you're ready to catch real air, reach into your bag and bust out one of the crazy new Ă¼ber-tricks that take airborne flight to the next level, with flips, twirls, and more. New Garibaldi and Alaska courses let you get more vertical and catch more air, while all the original courses have some new surprises. Six new riders join most of the original SSX crew to provide a wide range of abilities and competition.

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