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Ultimate Fighting Championship Box
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Ultimate Fighting Championship

Released: December 8, 1999
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Anchor Inc.
Genre: Action
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What do you get when you cross boxing, Aikido, Greco-Roman wrestling, and more than 25 other fighting styles? If you answered Ultimate Fighting Championship, you're correct (if you answered by cowering under a desk, we don't blame you). This is not some soap opera of thrown chairs and unrealistic moves. Two fighters and a referee enter the Octagon--the UFC's caged, eight-sided ring--where the fighters meld martial-arts styles to receive points for hits, holds, and take-downs.

Ultimate Fighting Championship features over 20 of the top UFC fighters with their specific moves and likenesses. You'll string 3,000 moves and 1,200 combos into devastating attacks. Training mode allows you to learn the martial-arts discipline or combine moves of different schools.

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