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Railroad Tycoon II Box
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Railroad Tycoon II

Released: November 10, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
Developer: Tremor Entertainment
Genre: Simulation
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Establish yourself as a mogul to be reckoned with as you work your way up the ranks of the railway industry, expanding your domain across continents and a changing global marketplace.
It can take you from New York to South Africa. It can take you from the year 1804 to the year 2000. It can take you from penniless manual labourer to powerful multimillionaire. It can take you from a normal, well-adjusted, well-rounded person to an obsessed, single-minded, one-track trainhead. Build the Transcontinental Railway or the Orient Express. Run steam trains through the jungles of Africa, or electric trains through the Swiss Alps. And run your competitors out of town on a rail.

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