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Kao the Kangaroo Box
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Kao the Kangaroo

Released: December 8, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Titus
Developer: X-Ray Interactive
Genre: Action
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Welcome to a journey around the World with Joe the Kangaroo. Showing extreme Skill and Grips Joe jumps through a complete world of levels and scenarios to solve tricky puzzles. He proves his abilities as a master of trap building, demolition expert, brave parachutist and many more. Mean enemies will try to stop Joe from completing his tasks and getting to the exit. There are new items, power-ups and goodies in every scenery to give Joe many different and exciting ways of solving the Levels. Ka'roo is a crossover between a Jump-and-Run and a Puzzle Game. The player will not just need the reactions, he will also need the brain to get this job done!

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