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ECW: Anarchy Rulz Box
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ECW: Anarchy Rulz

Released: February 9, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Acclaim
Genre: Wrestling
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Over 60 of the most hard-core wrestlers ever, including "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, "The Original" Hardcore Icon The Sandman, and Masato Tanaka!

Never-before seen matches such as Street Fight, Table Match and the feared Inferno Match!

All new control mechanics for easy pick-up-and-play excitement

Over 25 game modes that will bust you wide open, including: the first ever Dumpster Match, Hate Match, Team Rumble and the ECW fan favourite--The Barbed-Wire Match!

First ever Create-A-Stable where you hand pick your allies and adversaries to battle for ring supremacy.

Acclaim's Ground-breaking Create Your Own Pay-Per-View and Create-A-Wrestler have been greatly enhanced to bring you to the edges of extreme!

Attempt to get through a new and improved Career Mode where you can battle against a gauntlet of arch-enemies!

Signature ECW Intro's featuring a kick-a$$ soundtrack with licensed entrance themes and authentic struts and taunts to the ring.

Double trouble as The Quintessential Stud Muffin Joel Gertner joins the voice of ECW Joey Styles for jaw-dropping colour commentary!

More audio from wrestlers, play-by-play and colour commentary than any other wrestling game ever!

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