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Champions of Norrath

Released: February 10, 2004
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Snowblind Studios
Genre: RPG
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From the creators of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance comes the next level in Action RPGs, CHAMPIONS OF NORRATH.

Hack-n-slash your way through the land of Norrath as you master weapon and spell combat to conquer evil. Your adventures will take you to a variety of beautiful locales, enchanted zones and the darkest dungeons imaginable. Brave the perils of hideous creatures, challenging quests and unforeseen evil to acquire the equipment and skills you will need for victory.
  • PLAY ONLINE - 4 player online cooperative action with USB headset support to chat and plan strategies.
  • Champion Customization - 5 races, 5 classes
    Select names, faces, hair, skin tone & more
  • More than 10,000 Items - randomly generated with the ability to create your own
  • Wicked Magic & Mighty Steel - hundreds of weapon & magic attacks plus combos
  • Multiplayer Combat - conquer enemies with up to 4 players online via and offline via the Multitap (USB headset optional, sold seperately)
  • 45 Levels to Conquer - more than 50 areas to explore & conquer
  • BattleView Cam - total camera control, zoom-in up-close or view combat from above
  • Champion Progression - select and specialize your skills, equipment & abilities
  • Spectacular Spells - Area of Effect, Damage Over Time, Pet Spells & more!
  • Save Your Champion - import and download characters via Memory Card
  • Random Dungeon Generator - each game experience is unique

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