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Iridion 3D Box
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Iridion 3D

Released: June 11, 2001
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Majesco Inc.
Developer: Shin'en
Genre: Action
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When a hotshot pilot returns to Earth from a deep-space mission to find that the evil Iridion Empire has taken over his home planet, he does what any natural, warm-blooded earthling would do: he starts kicking alien butt! Iridion 3-D pushes the Game Boy Advance hardware to new levels of near-3-D graphics and lustrous color in this space shooter. Players fly their SHN fighters toward oncoming hordes of aliens through seven large levels. Be sure to pick up the five extra weapons along the way, each of which can be powered-up three times, to prepare for the big-boss showdowns.

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