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Soul Fighter

Released: November 23, 1999
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: Toka
Genre: Action
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A single player 3D fantasy fighting game, Soul fighter is reminiscent of such arcade hits as Golden Axe, Double Dragon, and Final Fight. Players can choose from three distinct characters: Altus, a brave and fearless warrior; Sayomi, a lightning fast female spy; or Orion, a powerful wizard. Each character has a unique weapon (sword, daggers, and magic staff, respectively) and fighting style, with over 100 motion captured animation sequences. A first person mode is available, in addition to the third person view, enabling the use of special long distance weapons picked up during the course of the game (throwing knives, axes, crossbows, bombs). An evil curse has fallen over the kingdom of Gomar. A mysterious mist has enveloped the kingdom, transforming its inhabitants into vicious creatures that are half animal, half human. Orion, the wizard, manages to save two of the inhabitants, Altus and Sayomi, and explains to them that the future of the kingdom rests in their hands. The three of them must search for the souls of those under the spell. To reverse the curse, the souls must be captured, placed in a magic vial and then returned to the place where the curse originated. This quest to save souls spans six worlds, divided into ten sublevels. The gameplay emphasizes exploration and discovery, with various paths to choose while traveling through mysterious dungeons, deserted castles, underground caverns, and dockside towns. Players will encounter 40 different enemies and level bosses, each with over 44 motion captured animation sequences for running, fighting and dying. Enemy characters will stalk you, attack in groups and even call in reinforcements to keep you from your objective. Soul Fighter's stunning graphics and animations run at a retina scorching 60 frames per second, keeping the action immersive and fast paced. This graphic detail extends to include real time shadows for characters and background elements like fog, rainfall, and lightning.

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