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Q*bert Box
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Released: December 6, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Majesco Inc.
Developer: Hasbro Interactive
Genre: Action
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Old heroes never die, they just get better. For fans of classic games, one of the oddest-looking heroes of arcade gaming's past has been given a makeover, courtesy of the Dreamcast. In Q*BERT, his old nemesis—the spring-loaded purple snake named Coily—has distorted the land of Q*Dina and kidnapped Q*Bert's friends. It's up to our fuzzy, long-nosed hero to hop his way through a huge number of increasingly difficult puzzles—restoring the colors of each level's blocks to their proper order, while evading the pursuit of Coily and his minions. These increasingly challenging levels will range from the traditional stacked blocks you remember from the original, to strange configurations that have been twisted by Coily in order to keep Q*Bert away from rescuing his friends and returning the land of Q*Dina to normal. For a change of pace, you can invite a friend along for some two-player, competitive cube-hopping action.

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