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Hard Drivin' Box
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Hard Drivin'

Released: December 21, 1990
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: Tengen
Developer: Sterling Silver Software
Genre: Racing
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The Only True Driving Simulation - and the #1 Arcade Hit - Now Comes to the Genesis!

Sure, driving a real high performance car can be quite a blast. But where can you go to do vertical loops, high-speed races and high flying jumps? In Hard Drivin', that's where! Hard Drivin' is so real you'll feel like you're burning up the road in a high-powered car. Two tracks provide plenty of challenge - put the pedal to the metal on the Speed Track or get airborne on the radical Stunt Track! Jump a drawbridge! Do a 360º loop! The true 3-D screen display will have you hanging on for dear life! If you lose it, you get to see an instant replay of your accident. Like the incredible arcade hit, this Hard Drivin' is looking for a few hard drivers. No license, or cars, required.

  • Two challenging courses: The Stunt Track and the Speed Track.
  • The jump ramp looks a lot easier when you're passing underneath it.
  • Get ready to take on the monster 360° vertical loop.
  • This deadly banked turn will have you pulling some serious G's.

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