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Adventure At The Chateau d'Or Box
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Adventure At The Chateau d'Or

Released: April 4, 2001
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Karma Labs
Developer: Karma Labs
Genre: Adventure
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In Adventure at the Chateau d'Or, the princess heir has chosen you as her hero, and you must lead the quest to unlock the secret of the fabulous Chateau d'Or. Search for powerful magic artifacts and find hiddentreasures. Search for and summon the spirit of her uncle, the Duke. Explorea magnificent palace and seek out knowledge about Paris to answer hiscryptic questions and win his assistance in this challenging adventure.Gather clues from tales of the heroes and places that made Paris what it is today. Death and deception are ever-present. You must call upon your intelligence, intuition, and newfound knowledge to survive and bringthe princess safely to her goal.

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