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Endless Ages Box
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Endless Ages

Released: July 1, 2003
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Summitsoft
Developer: Avaria Corp
Genre: Online RPG
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Throughout infinite ages, in this world known as Earth, life and death binds us all in the cycle of humanity. From the gates of fatality one is summoned in a vale of shadowed twilight. A forceful darkness, bathed in blue flame, eclipses everything in ones vision. The weight of ones body, the whispers in the stillness of the mind, through psychic gestures become too great to endure. Sounds become distant. A deep black light pierces the tenuous membrane between body and spirit as the soul is slain with compelling passion. Our spirit indulges in a higher state of consciousness until the soul convenes to a supreme council of Divine Entities. In the course of this reunion we shall be remitted to a realm of new existence, a realm of Endless Ages. Endless Ages offers a persistent online environment that incorporates FPS, RPG, and Trade Creation all in a real time setting.

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