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Galaxy Force II Box
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Galaxy Force II

Released: 1991
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: CRI
Genre: Action
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8-Meg Arcade Action

Raid... the alien stronghold at hyperspeed in your swept-wing attack fighter. Fire one, ten, a hundred missiles, blasting the onrush of enemy gunships with rapid fire. One relentless attach after another counters your advance.

Rage... through the terrifying beauty of space. Turn up the volume and dive in strike after strike against the angry planet. Bank and dodge through flaming meteor storms. Exploding volcanic pillars and spiraling Fire Snakes tear at your shields.

Ram... your craft through 3D fortress corridors. Bash through waves of robotic armies and asteroids. The co-pilot screams, "Left turn!" as you annihilate a torpedo launcher and dodge through the vaporized wreckage. You are the Force!

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