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Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage Box
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Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage

Released: May 29, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: UFO Interactive
Developer: NEC
Genre: Action
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In a world ruled by corporations, dirty work is left to the professionals. Enter Blitzstrahl, a crack military team that carries out such tasks as stealing art, information gathering, or counteracting rival agents for its corporate clients. You're the head of Blitzstrahl, a team of seven agents, each with his or her unique abilities. You must manage their efforts in a series of missions that will take them all over the globe.

In Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage, you control these agents remotely--four at a time--by viewing their simultaneous actions and directing them through menu selections in each agent's pop-up window. Agents can move undetected through rooms, hack into computers, pick locks, and fight. As they gain experience and hit points, they'll be able to do even more. There are 10 stages to complete, but to be successful you'll have to manage your agents' abilities and keep them working as a team.

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