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Neo Mystery Bonus Box
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Neo Mystery Bonus

Released: April 30, 1999
Platform: Neo Geo Pocket Color
Publisher: SNK
Developer: Dyna Corporation
Genre: Simulation
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Looking for a game that you can play with one hand? Did you accidentally break the control stick on your Neo Geo Pocket, and now you can only use the buttons? Well, then Neo Mystery Bonus is right up your alley! Yes, for only $29.95, you too can turn your portable gaming powerhouse into a one of the most inane slot machine simulations ever created.

Here's how it works. You press the A button, the reels spin, and depending your preference, either stop on their own or wait for you to push the A button a few more times to stop. Sometimes you'll win, in which case you can attempt to double your money by playing a little high-low bonus game. Sometimes you'll lose, and have to hit A some more.

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