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Haunting: Starring Polterguy Box
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Haunting: Starring Polterguy

Released: August 17, 1993
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Platform
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Scare the evil, greedy Sardinis out of their houses by turning everyday household objects into something scary, funny or just plain gross. Or use your special spells to really send 'em shrieking. But you gotta hurry, 'cause your ectoplasm may run out!

Super Scary Features:

  • 16 megs of cool graphics, gross special effects and blood-curdling sounds.
  • Unique 3/4 view perspective.
  • Over 400 scary, funny, or gross fright items, each causing something different to happen.
  • 5 special spells: Zom-B-Ize, Supr-Scare, Boo-Doo, Ecto-Xtra and Dog-Off.
  • "Killer" dungeon with 12 different paths.
  • From the creators of the arcade hits Paperboy, Cyberball, 720° and Rampart.
  • SCARY! Make this dartboard change to a bleeding eyeball!
  • FUNNY! Command this couch to become a giant pair of lips!
  • You and a bud can compete in the dungeons to see who terrorizes the Sardinis next!
  • Possess Mimi to become a zombie to freak out her repulsive relatives!

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