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Zillion Box
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Released: 1987
Platform: Sega Master System
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: SEGA
Genre: Adventure
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Are you ready for the ultimate danger? You're alone, outnumbered, and there's no guarantee you'll make it alive. You're J.J. Your objective: secretly infiltrate the underground labyrinth of The Norsa Empire and steal their plans for domination. Armed with ultra speed and power of the Zillion Laser, your mission is complex. And sheer strength will not win this one alone. You'll need more brains than brawn in this sophisticated operation. So, how will you think your way to victory? With cunning strategy and memory to guide you successfully through the maze which awaits. Where once inside, you'll find the information needed to destroy the Norsas and restore peace forever.

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Member Score: 9.0
Total Score: 9.0

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