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Grand Theft Auto 2 Box
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Grand Theft Auto 2

Released: May 31, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
Developer: DMA Design
Genre: Action
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This may be the video game your mother warned you about. Rather than being penalized for each innocent pedestrian you hit, you are rewarded in Grand Theft Auto 2. Like its predecessor, the game is viewed from a bird's-eye perspective, and you'll play as one of the little people in a vast futuristic city. The object is to prove your mettle to warring gangs by carjacking innocent victims, assassinating rivals, stealing drug shipments, and completing assorted other missions. But if you're not the type to take orders, you can do anything you want, thanks to the game's loose, nonlinear structure. For example, you can commandeer a bus and take it along its regular route--the passengers will pay the fare without noticing anything different. But if you decide to plow the bus through the side of a building--and you know you eventually will--they'll start jumping out of the windows. And because you're hopping from vehicle to vehicle, you get a good sampling of the city's radio formats--everything from techno to top 40, classic rock to country. Be sure to keep moving, though--the cops will always be on your tail.

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