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Released: March 11, 2003
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Genre: Adventure
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Celenheim, a small enclave of hope in the midst of a large landmass of darkness, is struggling for survival. Men and women are sent out on a perilous journey in hope of saving Celenheim from ultimate destruction. The journey will take them across hostile lands in search of the people of Meckelon, ancient ancestors they were separated from long ago. Perhaps there they will find the aid they are so desperately seeking...

Leader of Ark Moor, Mordessa, intends to bring back the ancient demon Vatar from the depths of the Underworld, and lay claim to the magic lands of Celenheim. Her servants are sent out to retrieve the Tome of Souls that has been hidden from mankind. With this, and what its content holds, she'll have the key to the Underworld itself, and to powers beyond those of mortals...

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