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American Gladiators Box
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American Gladiators

Released: March 24, 1992
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: GameTek
Developer: Imagitec Design
Genre: Sports
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Ancient Rome had nothing on the AMERICAN GLADIATORS, as the popular television series makes its way to the SNES. You'll find seven events taken straight from the show, The Wall, The Joust, The Assault, Human Cannonball, Atlasphere, Powerball, and the Eliminator, digitally photographed and ready to put your battle skills to the ultimate test. Along with the real events are the real Gladiators: Nitro, Ice, Thunder, Laser, Turbo, Gold, Zap, Blaze, Lace, and Gemini. In this modern-day version of the original gladiator games, the last man standing is the winner and you'll need to muster your courage, coordination, and competitive talents to be successful. Now you can bring the excitement and intensity of the TV show straight to your living room with AMERICAN GLADIATORS.

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