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Released: August 3, 1995
Platform: 32X
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Blizzard
Genre: Adventure
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Through the dark vastness of space, exiled prince Kyle Blackthorne returns to Tull to avenge the death of his murdered father and restore the shattered Lightstone. The conqueror Sarlac opposes his vicious troops against the enraged prince. But the evil lord will soon find out... an army is not enough against a single fierce fighter with a vengeance!

  • A Powerful Space Fantasy with five worlds, 20 massive levels and all new, original animations!
  • 32,000 colors. Brilliant 3D Graphics and thunderous digitized battle sounds and music!
  • Control A Battery Of Imposing Weapons to vanquish Sarlac's brutal forces!

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Total Score: 10.0

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