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Sega Ages Box
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Sega Ages

Released: August 1997
Platform: Saturn
Publisher: Working Designs
Developer: AM2
Genre: Compilation
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The trend-setting power of the SEGA AM division comes home in this collection of three classic SEGA AGES arcade titles, presented together in arcade-perfect glory for the first time! Otherworldly thrills are yours to be had as you blast your way through 18 pulse-pounding alien landscapes in the trend-setting first-person shooter Space Harrier. If you're still begging for more, Afterburner II will blister your trigger finger as you thrust, blast, and barrel-roll your way to a top-gun finish against hordes of enemy bogies. Once you've proven your air superiority, jump into a hot red sports car and strut your stuff on the road in Outrun, the original multi-path racing game. Whether on the road, in the air, or on other planets, these classic games will prove to you that no one does it better than SEGA.

  • After Burner II: A.D.1987
  • Outrun: A.D.1986
  • Space Harrier: A.D.1986

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