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Demolition Racer: No Exit Box
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Demolition Racer: No Exit

Released: October 24, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Pitbull Syndicate
Genre: Racing
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With 16 cars on a track at one time, one's bound to bend a couple fenders. In Demolition Racer--No Exit, that's expected, along with a foot-to-the-floor racing ambition. You will race in various themed leagues, which take you onto urban and rural tracks for both day and night racing. Collect power-ups for that little extra edge in your racing--sometimes at the expense of other drivers. The Power Drain, for example, fortifies your car with the strength points it steals from any opponent you hit. There are 16 tracks included, but the game's existential title refers to the No Exit Bowl where--you guessed it--you'll compete gladiator style, and only one car leaves under its own power.

This game offers all the popular gameplay found in versions for other platforms, and includes a number of Dreamcast-only bonuses such as all-new cars, new tracks and power-ups, and upgraded artificial intelligence--not to mention enhanced graphics and animation. Realistic collision effects include smoke, breakaway hoods, and wobbling tires. The game also features a split-screen two-player mode and aggressive mood music from the likes of Fear Factory, Junkie XL, and Tommy Tallarico.

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