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Coaster Works

Released: March 7, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Xicat Interactive
Developer: Bimboosoft
Genre: Simulation
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If you think the greatest thrill in life would be making people throw up, then COASTER WORKS is for you. This game allows you to design and build unique roller coaster tracks from the ground up. You can place the track and bend it into the curves and twists of your dreams. Keep in mind though, that you must have lift hills or else your coaster is going nowhere. After getting the track set, you will need to test the ride to make sure the cars do not fly off of the tracks. When the testing is complete, you get the opportunity to have your ride evaluated and graded. Based on the speed, g-forces, thrill, and safety of the ride, people will scream, blackout, and throw up—the more the better. Once you pass the evaluation, you get to start over again with more track and a bigger space … the only restriction is your imagination. Now you can build your ultimate scream machine with COASTER WORKS.

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