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Charge N' Blast

Released: February 8, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Xicat Interactive
Developer: Sims
Genre: Action
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Evil monsters are out to destroy the world, and only one person can stop them … you! In this epic battle for control of the planet, you take the role of a member of an elite squad that is given the task of saving the world. After picking your character, you will have to fight waves of monsters that attack from the air, land, and sea. When you encounter one of the bad guys, you will have to decide what weapon to use: homing missiles do the job on airborne enemies, and torpedoes are effective against the underwater creatures. After selecting a weapon you can fire immediately to create some quick damage, or you can charge the weapon to make it more powerful. If you are afraid of getting hit while charging a weapon, you can strafe left and right to avoid enemy fire. Do you have what it takes to save the world? The only way to find out is by playing CHARGE ‘N BLAST.

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