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Released: February 18, 2003
Platform: Xbox
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Milestone
Genre: Racing
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Strategic thinking and intense racing come together in APEX - the definitive racing game for the Xbox. Immerse yourself in the glamorous yet fierce world of advanced car design and racing. After inheriting a small production garage you and your ambitious staff begin designing, building and racing Advanced Performance Experimental X-cars (A.P.E.X.). You face off against the world's most prestigious cars in racing competitions in order to build your brands. With each win your brand strengthens and orders for new cars begin to roll in, enabling you to choose new designs and refine their performance to create the ultimate sports car. However, the sould of this game is serious racing and plenty of it. Prove your mettle in your own prototype Roadsters, Sportscars, Supercars and Dreamcars as well as coveted cars from Jaguar, Lotus, Aston-Martin, Mercedes, Ford, Dodge and others. To achieve success you must hit the apex of every turn and triumph on the road.

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Member Score: 8.3
Total Score: 8.3

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