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Bust-A-Move 4 Box
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Bust-A-Move 4

Released: June 30, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Cyber Front
Genre: Puzzle
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Bearing no relation to the Young MC hit of a few years back, Bust-A-Move 4 is an installment in the ongoing puzzle series that combines the matching fun of Tetris with the elimination action of Breakout. The object of the game is simple. Colored bubbles form stalactite-like clusters from the top of the game area. Aim and shoot bubbles at the clusters so that when three like-colored bubbles link together, they pop and any bubbles suspended below them fall. By eliminating all the bubbles, you advance to the next round. The game is made all the more challenging by a game clock that advances the clusters downward and special bubbles that either help pop or protect bubbles.

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