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Released: April 16, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Jaleco
Developer: Climax
Genre: Action
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A famous media mogul has issued a challenge: he'll award $1 million to anyone who can make it out of his latest horror theme park, ILLBLEED, alive. You are Eiko, the plucky young president of the local high school's horror club. Your mission is to rescue your three friends in ILLBLEED (and hopefully walk away with a cool $1 million to boot). With the park staffed by slashers, zombies, demons, and other horror movie denizens, you must use all of your senses to escape death—whether it be by some horrible creature or by sheer fright. Gauges for your senses such as hearing, sight, and smell are featured to help you avoid trouble, and there's even a gauge for an otherworldly sixth sense. Try and make your way through the six stages of Horrorland and collect tickets to enter the final stage—an area that no one has ever entered before. You're in for a bloody good time in ILLBLEED.

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