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NBA 2k2 Box
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NBA 2k2

Released: October 30, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Visual Concepts
Genre: Sports
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NBA 2K2 is bursting with new features, including online console gameplay for up to eight players. Updated online functionality also allows gamers to track their wins and losses to see how they rank among gamers online. A smarter AI means improved team rotation, rebounding, and all-around tenacious D. The new steal system lets players fill the passing lanes and attempt to steal the ball, and a revamped low-post game lets you exploit the defender with lightning-quick drop-step moves, back him down for a rim-rattling dunk, or shoot a sweet fadeaway jumper. New street courts let you hoop it up at urban playground courts, including Oakland's legendary Mosswood Park. The game includes updated rosters, arenas, team uniforms, and signature moves for the 2001-2002 season. The integration of new NBA rules lets you add new strategy to the game by choosing to play man or zone defense.

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