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Bowling/Micro Match Box
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Bowling/Micro Match

Released: 1978
Platform: APF M-1000
Publisher: APF Electronics
Developer: APF Electronics
Genre: Compilation
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You can play Bowling for the APF-1000 with up to 4 players. Like the other bowling games of the time, your ball is moving constantly back and forth and you must decide when you want to throw it by pressing the fire button at the right moment. There is no way to put hook effect on the ball here.

Micro Match
Micro Match is a memory game. The object of the game is to match the hidden object or word with a similar object or word. If you guess correctly, the squares will disappear from the screen and you go again.

Here again you can play with up to 4 players. There are 5 different game modes, from the easiest to the hardest, depending on what you must find (colors, patterns or words) and how many items (pairs or triplex).

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