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Madden NFL 2003 Box
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Madden NFL 2003

Released: August 12, 2002
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: Budcat Creations
Genre: Sports
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NFL(tm) football is back, and so is Madden! For the 12th year in a row, Madden NFL Football brings the realism of the pro gridiron right to your fingertips. With all the teams, players, and features that you've come to know and love, Madden puts you right on the field with the big hitters! Play a full season with your favorite team and take them to the Super Bowl, or try the franchise mode and build a dynasty. You can even create teams and players so you can start from scratch! With all-new realistic player animations, Madden Cards, a training mode, and the Two-Minute Drill, Madden truly has it all!

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