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Toy Commander

Released: November 4, 1999
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: No Cliché
Genre: Simulation
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You are the armchair General in charge in Sega's TOY COMMANDER for the Dreamcast. In this 3D action-filled adventure you'll need to marshal together your army of kiddie playthings and thwart the plans of the opposing evil toy army. Hours of gameplay combat are here for your enjoyment as you execute devastating attacks against well-entrenched targets—laughing as you go. Control miniature vehicles and troops in a cartoon-inspired house containing eight sprawling rooms over three varied floors. Don't be lulled into complacency by the sweet smiling faces and shiny colors of your tiny enemies—these teensy-weensy soldiers are armed and dangerous and looking to blow you sky-high. You'll need to plan carefully for victory as you wage frenzied warfare in a flooded kitchen packed with tiny subs, a child's bedroom, hallways, the living room, and more. Command tanks, planes, helicopters, trucks, jeeps, and battalions of troops in a cute but cutthroat battle for supremacy. In the TOY STORY-meets-PATTON mayhem of TOY COMMANDER, the warfare is filled with games as well as guns.

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