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NFL GameDay (Reprint) Box
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NFL GameDay (Reprint)

Released: 1996
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developer: U.S. Gold
Genre: Sports
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"Forget what you played before. NFL Gameday for the Sony Playstation is the most realistic game of football I've ever played!"

Dave Winding - Dimension Publishing

All 30 NFL Teams and Over 1,500 Real NFL Players

  • GameDay Play Modes: Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs & the Super Bowl.
  • Team Management: Trade players & sign free agents to create your own NFL dynasty.
  • Realistic NFL Action: Players rendered in true 3-D - Hurdles, stiff arms, swim moves, diving catches, jukes, spins, forearm shivers, speed bursts, diving tackles, injuries and more!
  • Real Player Attributes: Players abilities based on their real stats and are scaled to actual height and weight.
  • All 30 NFL Fields: Different stadiums with NFL team logos and painted end-zones on the real turf with CD quality sound and 4 dynamic playing perspectives!
  • Complete Stat Tracking: Track stats for over 1,500 real NFL players for an entire season.

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