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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Box
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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

Released: November 17, 1997
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Iguana Entertainment
Genre: Arcade Sports
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Whether you like high-flying two-on-two action or a five-on-five sim, you've come to the right game: NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION. While the gameplay may look frantically unorganized, the players actually play like their real-life counterparts, and will even run plays from their NBA playbooks. You'll also get in-depth scouting reports that give you the skinny on your opponents. The motion capture was done by former NBA star Xavier McDaniel, so expect silky-smooth player animations. Bonus modes include a 3-Point Contest, Free Throw Shooting, and Practice. There are also bonus courts, which include Venice Beach and the Schoolyard. TNT's Kevin Harlan handles the play-by-play, while Marv Albert offers his analysis from the studio.

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