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Rad Racer Box
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Rad Racer

Released: October 1, 1987
Platform: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Square Co., LTD.
Genre: Racing
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Feel the awesome power of 3-D rally racing!

This is no ordinary game pak. This is Rad Racer. Nintendo's thrilling 3-D video game. Rad Racer comes action-packed with revolutionary 3-D technology and 3-D glasses (they're free inside) that will have you really believing you're in the middle of a cross country rally race-cruising along at 200 miles per hour!

Rad Racer takes you through 8 treacherous race courses including the Los Angeles Nightway, the San Francisco Highway and the Grand Canyon. Choose the Ferrari and you'll enter a Super Machine competition where you'll race against Corvettes and Lamborghinis. Select the F-1 Machine and you'll compete against incredibly fast cars. Whether it's Ferrari or F-1, 3-D or Regular mode, Rad Racer's hair-pin curves, dare-devil turns and realistic action will bring home all the fun and excitement of real rally racing. Think you're up to it? Then drivers start your engines. It's Rad Racer!

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