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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Box
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Released: September 9, 1999
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway
Genre: Arcade Sports
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If you’re looking for some over-the-top boxing action, then get your hands on READY 2 RUMBLE BOXING for the Dreamcast. Featuring world-famous ring announcer Michael Buffer—who bellows the familiar, “Let’s get ready to rummmble!” at the outset of every match—you’re in for some fast-paced, in-your-face action with READY 2 RUMBLE BOXING. Step into the ring with one of 16 boxers, including Afro Thunder, Boris Knokimov, Salua Tua, Rocket Samchay, Tank Thrasher, Kemo Claw, “Big” Willie Johnson, Butcher Brown, Angel Rivera, Faz Motar, Lulu Valentine, Jimmy Blood, and several hidden characters who can be unlocked through gameplay. Each fighter has his or her own personality and boxing style to master, meaning you’ll be spending some quality time with this game. Train your fighter in preparation for a title match, or just play in arcade mode and lay the smack down.

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