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O.D.T. Escape... ...Or Die Trying Box
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O.D.T. Escape... ...Or Die Trying

Released: November 30, 1998
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Psygnosis
Developer: Psygnosis
Genre: Action
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In O.D.T. you are on a quest in search of the legendary Green Pearl, an artifact believed to be powerful enough to save the world. At the outset of the adventure, your crew finds themselves caught in a brutal magnetic storm that downs your ship, the Nautiflyus. Your next step is to pick one of four characters, each equipped with a balanced set of characteristics consisting of armor, spirit, weapon control, and experience. The game is decidedly steeped in science fiction-based themes, and contains a nice set of sound effects that provide an eerie mood and disturbing set of unpredictable environments. The alien creatures are wildly creative and the game which is really a 3D platformer takes on an RPG feel, with strange characters, puzzles, and environments.

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