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Urban Chaos

Released: March 31, 2000
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Mucky Foot
Genre: Action
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Urban Chaos brings unprecedented freedom to the most realistic and atmospheric game environment to date. You control D'arci and Roper: D'arci-the agile, street savvy cop and Roper-the jaded conspiracy theorist who is an expert in heavy weapons. Together they must stop a millennium cult from unleashing a new form of evil on the city. As you wander the city, explore every nook and cranny, from buildings and rooftops to subways and sewers. Ride the subway, commandeer a motorcycle and speed down the city streets. Or launch yourself from the top of buildings on a hand glider. The game is enhanced with a variety of environmental effects including rain, fog, snow, day and night.

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