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Released: March 30, 2000
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Crave Entertainment
Developer: ASCII
Genre: Action
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Rion wakes-up in a hospital room, and the only thing he can remember is his name. However, Rion is no ordinary 14-year old. He is a Galerian, a human with special psychic powers. You take the role of Rion as he tries to escape from the hospital and discover the truth behind his past. Luckily, Rion's new friend Lilia gives him direction and help throughout the game. In order to survive, Rion will have to use his powers which include energy balls, telekinesis, and the ability to set people on fire. Unfortunately, he must take drugs that eat at his body to unlock and control his latent powers, which only adds to the challenge. To further complicate matters, Rion must keep track of his adrenaline; otherwise, his powers will become uncontrollable. Play GALERIANS and help Rion discover the secrets of his past.

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