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Virtual Boy Wario Land Box
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Virtual Boy Wario Land

Released: December 1, 1995
Platform: Virtual Boy
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Nintendo of America
Genre: Platform
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WARIO LAND gives you the chance to play as Wario, Mario’s archenemy, and all-around bad guy. You’ve decided to raid the riches that are hidden deep within a secret cave. As you search for all the gold and treasure you can carry, you’d better watch out for the poison ponds and prisons that will end your quest sooner than you can say, “Holy 3D!” You’ll have to fight your way through several situations, but you also have the ability to morph into more powerful creatures, such as King Dragon Wario, Eagle Wario, and Bull Wario. If you’re able to survive and collect the riches that the caves have to offer, you’ll never have to terrorize Mario again.

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