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Vertical Force

Released: December 1995
Platform: Virtual Boy
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Hudson Soft
Genre: Action
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It’s the Galactic Year 210, and the Earth is entangled in a bitter struggle for survival. In VERTICAL FORCE, the fate of the planet is in your hands, as you are the only pilot skilled enough to take the controls of the Ragnarok Star Fighter. In your advanced spacecraft, you’ll have to take on an alien armada that is determined to see that the Earth is completely annihilated. As you head into battle, you’ll have several reinforcements at your side, but you can’t depend on them to get the job done. You’d better keep your reflexes sharp and your eyes peeled for the many power-ups that are scattered throughout the galaxy—things like lasers, wide shots, and shields. The future of Earth hangs in the balance, so be brave and do whatever it takes to emerge victorious.

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